We are a small and dedicated team working towards production of high-grade nickel sulphide ore from underground at Black Swan.

The Company is currently completing a Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) on the restart of Black Swan. Once the feasibility study is complete and a Financial Investment Decision (FID) is made, we will be looking to employ a technical team at site and various other corporate positions, expanding our current talented team whilst retaining all the positive attributes of a small company culture – close knit and collaborative.

We have three (predominantly underground) projects which we will move into production on a phased basis. Our head office is based in West Perth and our mine sites are in the Goldfields region of WA.

Our business means we will seek people from all walks of life with diverse technical, trade and professional backgrounds. Having said that, we will first and foremost be interested in you as a person, your gifts and qualities. We will look to see how you may contribute to our team and our success and in turn, what we can offer you in terms of an opportunity to grow and learn within a developing company.

This is the character of the company we are and the one we are committed to embrace across the long term.

You can send in your CV for consideration to:

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