The Windarra Tailings project is a man-made structure, and does not possess any geological structure.  The tailings are the waste products of gold ores derived from nearby gold mining operations within the Mt Margaret goldfields.  Windarra Gold Tailings project comprises of the North Dam, Central Dam and Southern Dam as shown below.



North Tails Dam
The North gold tailings dam was originally constructed in 1988.  It consists of Beasley Creek oxide tailings that were co-deposited with the calcine and cyanided flotation tails in the dam.



Central Tails Dam
The Central Dam contains the nickel tailings from the Windarra and Leinster Nickel operations, and was originally constructed in 1972.  Initially, the dam received tailings from the Mt Windarra ore, and then South Windarra ore from 1975 until mid 1991.  Tailings from the Perseverance open cut at the Leinster Nickel Operations were also deposited into this tailings dam from 1990 to 1992.  The dam also received gold tailings from June 1993 until the cessation of operations in 1994 that were deposited over the nickel tailings.  These gold tailings were sourced from oxide, cyanided calcine and non-cyanided floatation tails.



South Tails Dam
The South gold tailings dam was originally constructed in 1981.  It consists of Lancefield oxide CIP tailings and other CIP tailings from various open cuts.  Refractory ore tailings from the Lancefield operations were also deposited into this dam.


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