We want people of good character – people of high integrity, people who value respectful relationships and never waiver from doing the ‘right thing’: People who are good at heart.


We want people who are Determined to Succeed Safely: People who are not scared of hard work or of pulling up their sleeves to pitch in, who are resilient in the face of seemingly insurmountable hurdles or unfamiliar terrain but at every turn come up steadfast and strong whilst never, ever compromising on safety – their own or the safety and wellbeing of others.


We want people who actively and passionately apply their Imagination to Find Solutions. Whether you are a Bogger Operator who comes up with an idea to reduce tyre wear or an Engineer who has a light bulb moment to create significant efficiencies in maintenance practice, our team will comprise of people who are encouraged to innovate and strive to do things better.


This is the brave new world we now live in – a world where we need to think outside the box, think forward and do more with less without compromising safety and quality. Do you find this concept exciting?


We want people who have the Confidence to Perform as a Team. Like the perfect recipe, we are delicately handpicking people who will contribute their own special talent and character into the melting pot of the team, to create the perfect outcome. A place where team synergy is the natural state with plenty of buzz around for challenge and debate. As the philosopher Aristotle said many moons ago, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and this is a core feature in our notion of team.


Last, but not least, we stand by the philosophy that Everyone has a Voice. We want people who have a voice and are prepared to use it for good. This means sharing ideas, helping others to learn and grow, raising different approaches and solutions to problems and being there for others in need.